Steadfast Gas Services takes the health and safety of its team members very seriously. All team members who are directly employed by Steadfast are covered under Steadfast Gas Services Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (“WSIB”)/ Worker’s Compensation Board (“WCB”) accounts.

Steadfast maintains an active account in good standing with the WSIB/WCB agency in each of the provinces in which we directly employ team members.

WSIB/WCB clearance confirms that a business, contractor or sub-contractor is registered with the respective agency and maintains their account in good standing. Generic clearances have been discontinued by the WSIB/WCB agencies in favour of specific clearances that reflect specific principal-contractor business relationships.

Clearance certificates are not required for householders who purchase services from Steadfast Gas Services. A principal or sub-contractor, who requires confirmation of Steadfast’s eligibility for clearance, may access this through the agency’s website:

For Ontario:

This can be accessed through the eClearance page or by contacting the WSIB Clearance Department at 416-344-1012 or toll-free at 1-800-387-8638.